2023 BMW X7 M60 in Frozen Pure Grey Individual



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It’s a great look providing you never drive it, get it dirty or get any stone chips. It’s the most unforgiving paint you can put on a vehicle. The only salvation to frozen paint is to do a full body PPF wrap. My dealer has had so many complaints with frozen paint over the years they will not order it and makes the owner sign a disclosure of awareness if they insist on it in their order.

They make you sign a disclosure to make it clear you can’t buff or polish the paint. I signed those disclosures and had a Frozen Silver E92 M3 and a Frozen Grey M4 GTS. Two is the easiest cars I’ve ever had to take care of. SwissVax sells an opaque wax for matte paint and it works like a charm. Most of the time I could could just pressure wash it, spray foam on it with a canon, let it sit, spray it off and blow it dry with a leaf blower and it was spotless…


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