6 Tricks To Raise A Healthy And Strong Baby From Day One


Today’s parents are stressed out by their new role – being parents. It’s not that hard to raise a baby. Babies need two things in general, food and sleep. Most mothers will have natural breast milk, which provides everything the baby needs for around a year of their lives, and sleep comes naturally.

Parents are stressed out by what they give to their babies and whether they are happy. Keep in mind that babies are happiest when they are fed, rested, and feel the warmth of their mothers. That said, you know you don’t need anything else to give them.

However, we all want the best for our kids, and we want to provide the best head start possible. It’s entirely normal to feel this way. All parents want to see their children successful, and education starts from day one. To make them successful, though, you need to have them healthy and strong. You need to follow the list below to know how to do that. Keep reading and see what you must do.

1. Make a schedule for your baby

Babies love schedules. They learn quickly, so you should implement a tight schedule for them. Don’t worry about pressuring them, they love following that schedule, and they’ll feel uncomfortable if you miss something on your timeline.

After a few weeks, they’ll feel the most comfortable if they know when it is time for breakfast, when it is brunch, and when it is time to sleep. Babies sleep up to 18 hours, so you can relax knowing they have plenty of naps and feeding sessions.

2. Take them on regular walks and fresh air

Avoid staying inside for a long time. Babies need fresh air. Although they won’t be harmed by breathing the same air as you do inside the home, it will be best for them if they enjoy some fresh air. If there’s no option to go outside, create a breeze and let them feel it.

The breeze and the fresh air will disperse all potential viruses and bacteria. Babies’ immune systems are almost non-existing. They are easily harmed, and you need to provide the best virus and bacteria-free environment during the first year of their lives until their immunity becomes strong enough to battle them off.

3. Feed them with enough nutrients

Most babies will feed natural breast milk from their mothers. This is the best option, as breast milk has all the nutrients needed for a healthy baby. Still, not all mothers have the chance to feed their babies natural breast milk, and they’ll give them baby formula.

Although the baby formula has most of the needed ingredients, they are often not enough for your babies. Get Aptamil or some of the other nutritionally complete formulas that will have everything the little person needs.

4. Sunbathing is vital for their overall health

The sun is the only thing that provides enough vitamin D for your baby. It doesn’t matter what you do and eat; the sun is the only vitamin D source. Take your baby sunbathing a few times during the day and enjoy the sun yourself.

If it is the summer, don’t do this too frequently, and enjoy more sunbathing sessions if it is the winter. With the sun’s rays, your baby will get enough vitamin D, which is the only way to surpass the standard baby jaundice – a condition standard for all babies and something that can turn quite serious if not treated in time.

5. Keep them dressed the same way you are

Many parents will overdress their kids for fear of being cold. Your baby’s body temperature is indeed lower than yours, but the general rule of thumb says that if you’re cold, they’ll be cold too, and if you’re feeling hot, they’re probably hot too.

As adults, we will quickly take our clothes off when we feel hot and put something on if we’re cold, but babies can’t do this. You need to do it for them. Think of them as an addition to yourself. Whenever you do something with your clothes, do it to them too. Dress them equally as you’re dressed, and you’ll do great.

6. Avoid stress and be relaxed for your baby to feel that positive energy

This isn’t proven scientifically, but babies can feel their parents’ feelings, especially one of their mothers. When you feel stressed, so are they, and when you’re relaxed and happy, so are they. Avoiding stress is the smartest thing you can do for your baby, based on this.

Surround yourself with positive people and try to do everything without fear of failure. If you’re a first-time parent, you may fail in some segments, but if you keep a positive spirit, everything will work out for the best.



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