A Vikings, Odell Beckham Jr. Partnership is Unlikely to Materialize


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Dec 21, 2021; Inglewood, California, USA; Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports.

As the season proceeds, Vikings fans have been participating in some speculation, and one theory is that the team will pursue Odell Beckham Jr. Forced to guess, I’d say there’s a tiny chance of Minnesota reaching a deal with the veteran receiver.

Now, I get why some people have been pursuing this possibility. For a time, he was one of the game’s elite wide receivers. Many of us remember his sensational one-handed catch against the Cowboys as perhaps the preeminent example of what he can do on the field. More recently, he helped the Rams get to – and win – the Super Bowl.

Nevertheless, there has been skepticism about whether adding OBJ makes sense. The most obvious issue simply rests in Minnesota’s financial reality. The team has very little cap room at present, so a deal couldn’t occur unless there was first a trade and/or restructure. Doing so could free enough room to make a signing possible.

One wonders, though, if devoting precious cap space to a receiver is the most prudent decision. Justin Jefferson is an elite option, a player who rightly demands a massive amount of attention from the QB.

Behind him are Adam Thielen and K.J. Osborn. Neither have had a great start to the year, but it’s fair to wonder if they’ll be featured more prominently as the year unfolds. After all, we’re only 6 games into the Kevin O’Connell era, so much still needs to be perfected on the offense. Striking that appropriate balance among the top 3 receivers is part of that process.

The above Nick Olson tweet draws attention to the connection between the Vikings’ GM and Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ also has a connection with Kevin O’Connell and Wes Phillips. Both coaches were on staff with LA last season, so they have a great understanding of what the receiver can do in a scheme very similar to their own.

Where we land, then, is at a spot where a signing shouldn’t be completely dismissed but still acknowledged for what it is: a long shot. The team doesn’t have a great need at the position and they don’t have very much money to work with. There is, however, a connection between the team’s leadership and player. Plus, there’s no such thing as having too many play makers.

For his career, OBJ has 531 catches, 7367 yards, and 56 TDs. He was a 1st-round selection by the New York Giants in the 2014 NFL Draft. He won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award following the 2014 season. He has played for the Giants, Browns, and Rams in his career.

If things proceed as expected, he’ll add a fourth team to that list. There are rumors that the Chiefs are interested, the Rams have been open about wanting him back, and I’ve got my eye on the Packers. Surely there are other teams that have discussed adding the veteran.

The competition for a deal makes me even more skeptical about the Vikings and Odell Beckham Jr.


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