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There are only so many people suffering from migraines on a daily basis, and not so many know about amazing and natural ways of helping in such conditions – CBD products. Careful research and scientific studies are yet to be fully performed on this matter, however, many studies that are already executed by now, have shown a positive influence of CBD when it comes to helping with migraine. Let’s learn everything step by step. 

Have you heard of it, or have you not, migraine is a real bummer to some people, and it may be loud to say, but still – a bigger half of people from all over the world have experienced or are experiencing this annoying feeling every now and then, and sometimes even on a daily basis. Despite the fact that there is no cure, since the reasons for migraine aren’t fully studied yet, it may be considered as a phantom pain, however, people with migraine will passionately debate about this matter. 

So what is migraine anyways? In simple words, it is a horrible headache, and it may be so strong and last for hours, so that some people even faint, vomit, can’t concentrate and even sometimes go crazy, however, there’s no official data about the last one. Over a billion people in the world are experiencing or have experienced migraine. You can learn more about other pain triggers that can be controlled by CBD here.

Migraine is a cause of a throbbing or pulsing pain, usually around the temple area, or back of the head, sometimes it doesn’t have specific location, and can be felt behind eyes, cheeks, or one-sided. 

There are common symptoms listed for you to understand better:

  • Severe pain with a throbbing sensation
  • Nausea
  • Worsened pain when moving
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting 
  • Sensitivity of any kind

From the scientific point of view, however mentioned above that migraines are yet to be learned more of, it is now assumed to be happening because specific nerves in a person’s blood vessel are sending pain signals to the brain. Why and for what purpose is yet unknown, and what is known – no medicine helps much. 

There are more than 20% of the population experiencing migraine, but if it involves people who neglect visiting a doctor – the range may be much higher. When migraine haunts you, there is no escaping, which is especially sad when it comes to calculating how many happy events and evenings, kid’s school performances, birthdays and important work meetings were missed because of such trouble. 

There are, however, a few things proposed to what may trigger migraine, since mostly women experience this, of course one of the main reasons is hormonal change, but also stress, anxiety, ;loud noises, medications, weather, climate, smoking, meat consumption and so on. Honestly, nothing brand new. 

Let’s learn something more about the science behind CBD influencing migraine. After all, we need to find the cure, and not search for reasons. 

Let us remind you that CBD is a safe hemp compound, found in cannabis plants. However, THC levels in such products is extremely low and sometimes equals zero, meaning it’s absolutely safe when it comes to feeling nauseous, psychoactivity, distraction or lead to a positive drug testing. Good quality CBD and CBD products  are very safe when it comes to that. 

You can learn more about CBD influencing other medical conditions here. 

Since it was described before, about safe and positive influence CBD has on nerves, it is quite easy to explain why CBD helps during migraine – CBD sends signals to our brain, leading to chemical reactions of hormonal discharge into the bloodstream, leading to calm and mind relaxation throughout the whole system, and since migraine – in simple words put – is nerves trained hard, CBD will very carefully and delicately make you feel better in no time, leading to the ‘flex’ to relax insead, bringing the desired relief. There is no other medicine in the world to be able to do that for a longer period of time, while nature had the answer all along. 

CBD is a very effective weapon when it comes to chronic pains, whether it is arthritis, eating disorders, back pain, swollen joints, prostatitis, vaginismus and so on. Let’s add one more check to that list – migraines, prolonged intake of CBD may lead to migraines, whether they’re just a rare visitor or chronic guest, to dissolve completely over time, are you intrigued yet?

Among all the relief the CBD may bring to a person suffering from migraines, it can also reduce nausea and any sort of inflammation .

As mentioned above, there isn’t a lot of research executed on such matter, however what we already know about CBD is promising enough to lead to the conclusion that it is indeed a real saviour. 

CBD interacts with ECS (our body’s endogenous cannabinoid system), basically a neuromodulatory system which is responsible for central nervous system development, and helps our body to react to the environment, colours, smells, shapes and so on. The way CBD interacts with it – it causes cells to reduce inflammation and relieve any pain at its core. It is very interesting to note, that a study executed around individuals with chronic migraine pain (10-20 times per month) have shown, that such individuals have lower levels of endocannabinoids in their system, perhaps once more proving the theory of positive impact of CBD to those who suffer from migraine often. 

However, despite the good qualities of CBD – it may backfire and trigger other unwanted things to happen, so you should definitely let your doctor know about your new supplementaddition. Side effects are well known: fatigue, sleepiness, diarrhoea and so on, however, they are most likely to happen with an ‘overdose’ (using a very big dose right away, or over use CBD on a daily basis) or because of one’s intolerance, which you won’t know of before you try. 

In case you’re wondering about the legal side of the question, please click here to learn about CBD in your country.

  • Proposals by Marry Jane 

Marry Jane offers a wide selection of carefully deprived indoor grown highest quality CBD products, that are going to help with a migraine condition, and most positively impact your life in the very best manner. 

1) You can use vape if migraine just striked out of nowhere, it will be the fastest way to deliver CBD right into your blood system leading to nearly immediate relaxation, hence – relief. You can find many favours in Marry Jane’s store, find the one you fancy the most and block migraine from happening. Do not forget the handy device to enjoy vaping

2) Pre-rolls of musky and citrus flavours, from earthy odours to natural hemp scents are presented for your convenience. Smoking as fast as vaping will deliver the CBD right to the inflamed area, leading to immediate response as dissolved migraine, alongside rich flavour and relaxation. 

If you are willing to avoid pre rolled joints, you can get a nice pure CBD flower of same flavours, just get the one you fancy and take care if yourself when migraine strikes again – smoke a joint and feel the relaxation immediately.

3) With CBD oil you can go as far in experimenting as you like, whether it is added to the bath, cream, lotion, water, salad dressing, anyways you like – remember, it takes time to truly reach your nervous centre, therefore, using CBD oil of different concentration may become a very thorough prevention to migraines. 

Smaller concentrations of CBD will be a great way for beginners to use and check it out. Be careful with the dosage and use it wisely, but truly in any way you see fit.

You can even use CBD before going to bed, so that you know you wake up and no migraine will ever disturb you again. 

Watersoluble means that there is no THC whatsoever, while in other products THC level may vary around <0,2%, in water soluble CBD drops by Marry Jane -there is none. Use these natural drops on your skin, apply on the temples, or behind ears to smell and relax, to avoid migraines. 

There is still more research that needs to be conducted, however it is always worth trying it out and who knows, maybe when you hear about research happening in your hometown – you can provide essential info. Experiment, be careful and enjoy yourself after the mild and rich relaxation finally reaches you, via Marry Jane’s products and migraine finally backs off for good. 

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