Cape York Green, Marina Bay Blue, Sao Paulo Yellow



I went to the Electrify event in Miami where to my surprise they had the XM in cape york green.

The car looks stunning in person. It also looks very long and wide while looking very muscular and brute. It looks like it eats cars on the road.

I am glad I saw the Cape York Green as in person I realized that I would rather have the XM in Marina Bay Blue as the Cape York seems so mute almost a few shades away from grey whereas some photos on IG made it look brighter color.

The huge 23 gold rims look great as well as the gold accent. The sloping roof gives it a sexy look. The front is wow! Very brute and beautiful.

This feels a little like a sportier sexier RR Cullinan.

This Bimmerpost app lets me do 4 photos as a time otherwise it crashes so I will keep replying to my post with more photos.

The door handles have an interesting design although I am baffled why they didnt do IX style handles instead as protruding handled are becoming a thing of the past. All in all I was blown away.


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