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Hey all,

Recently created a new account on here (had some in the past, but wanted a fresh one!). I have some free time on my hands and wanted to start some write-ups on some projects, past cars, etc. When my wife and I bought our house, we had a few non-negotiable items. One was that it had to have a three car garage. We got a house that as a two car garage, as well as a single car adjacent to into. Original plan was to have my wife and I’s cars in the two car and my bike (Yamaha R6) in the third with a little workshop area. Well plans kind of morphed and ended up selling my bike before I bought the house. Ended up turning the single garage into a home gym. Will outline below.

First up was the garage from the start.

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Went with black doors. I like clean and simple.

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Pretty plain inside being all white with the cement floors. First up was to have the floors done. When it came to this process I did a ton of research into what I wanted from the floors. Ultimately, I would have loved to go with swisstrax. Ended up with having a local guy do both garages for a great price. If I had to do it again, I would have spent the extra money and got the swisstrax.

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When we first moved in I had my ’20 m340 x drive. Loved that car.

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Next up was our single car garage, or our home gym. Wanted to make it feel a bit bigger/different. Ended up painting just the one wall in black. Loved the difference this made in the feel of the room. Went with black. Because like I said, I like clean and simple.

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We ordered a bunch of stuff from Rogue. I can include a full list if any are interested. We ordered gym flooring by the roll to protect the floors that we’d have to cut and lay down before unpacking all of the equipment.

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Finally everything was unpacked and setup. Still a bit messy. But it was a start

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Added some more banners and moved out some boxes. At that time, some extra tires lived in the corner lol.

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That wraps up the single car garage. What a difference it is having a place to lift at my house. Throw on the fan, blast some tunes, and you have your own get away.

Moving back to the two car garage. My original plan was to paint the walls grey, trim black, and ceiling black. As you can guess, I am very plain. But hey, I like it. Ended up just doing the ceiling in black. Was tired of painting…But wow, what a difference the ceiling made. Was a little unsure of this before hand. But so glad I did it.

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Next up, bought some floating cabinets from Garage Organization for about $1500.


Really wanted to splurge at the time, but costs were adding up for the house. Down the road, would love to add the swisstrax with some higher end cabinets. But for now they’ll do.

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Finishing up some final touches. Im so glad how it turned out. What a difference it makes opening the door and seeing my cars sit in here. Its not the perfect setup, but its a start.

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A fun picture of my old f80 m3 posted up.

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Quick mod to the floating cabinets, I added a board from Ikea which I was shocked that I liked. But fit perfectly. One is a little crooked, need to fix that. Wanted quick access to some of my tools and this fit the bill! Also attached what items I bought for the board. Was about $100 total.

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And most recently the g80 sitting in the garage.

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Thanks for reading! The first thread like this for me, but want to start doing more. If anyone has any feedback or questions, let me know. Can also do a writeup of the gym buildout if any are interested as I mentioned above. Thanks!

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