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Anxiety – happens to everyone?

When you first hear about CBD oil and its numerous benefits to our health, it is easy to assume that it may be a placebo or just a hearsay. To know for a fact about CBD and its great influence on a human’s body and mind, you definitely must try it first and see for yourself. However, this article will cover scientific, logical and CBD oil user’s opinions, on such a controversial topic, as using CBD for coping with anxiety. It is a myth, a hearsay or something you must try if the anxiety is slowly getting in the way of you living your life to the fullest. 

Every adult, even a young adult has dealt with anxiety in their conscious life. To every person anxiety may manifest in different ways. It may be physical: insomnia, over eating or under eating, even catching colds all the time, rash on the skin and so on; as well as it may be mental: tiring and stealing energy thoughts, ups and downs, mood swings, up to sometimes not being able to leave the house and so on. Sometimes the anxiety may be so severe that only a psychiatrist may actually handle the situation. 

However, this article covers cases of daily anxiety and social anxiety, the type that may interfere with your life,but not always or fully influence it to its worst. Every stage of you life, whether it is graduation, exams, applying for a job, going on dates, having sexual intercourse, family gatherings and so on may be influenced by anxiety, and no matter what the range of the influence is – anxiety is not making it easier for the person who experiences it, nor for the people who surround that one individual. 

Many people mistakenly misunderstand CBD for well known drugs, but there is a great deal of difference between those two despite the common origin. To learn more, let’s go throught quick reminder of what CBD is. We have covered this topic in our previous articles, you can learn more by clicking the link, or just enjoy reading the most essential information provided here

You may even experience brief anxiety when reading this article and your mind may be popping questions like: will it help, will it not help, what if it will make it worse, what if this is wasting of time, what if this is illegal and so on. Do not worry, every possible question will be answered as you go on reading. So just keep on reading and learning more about CBD. 

CBD and CBD oil – a drug or…?

CBD and CBD oil are both obtained from the hemp flower, it is basically a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) extracted, this concentration is very therapeutic and has very low THC content, leading to zero psychoactivity and has zero chance of being shown on any drug tests. Therefore, CBD and any products based on CBD are safe to use on a daily basis, and it helps you to obtain the effect of physical and mental relaxation, without interfering with your consciousness, leading to a calm, anxiety-free and stress-free state of mind. 

How and why this happens from biological POV you can learn more by clicking the link, the effect may be so dramatic that it may even influence your sexual life and drive.

Therefore, if you compare the way THC and pure CBD influence the chemicals in the brain and stimulate activity, THC increases anxiety and forces the nervous system to override by blocking signals, while CBD shows absolutely opposite effects – pure relaxation and calmness of the brain cells, because it represses autonomic arousal, without extra psychoactivity or making you ‘sleepy’, it only grants the feeling and doesn’t interfere with thinking process or physical motions. 

CBD oils and it’s variations

Marry Jane’s products are made of pure indoor grown CBD, it is third party lab tested and is proven to lower anxiety and stress levels, whether it is intaken as CBD oil, inhaled via vape or smoked as a joint. This article concentrates on CBD products by Marry Jane, therefore products below will be describing its impact on human’s body.

To absolutely guarantee that CBD will drive your anxiety levels to minimum is not possible, there is not enough scientific data, and after all one’s body sometimes may be a mystery, so to know what’s best for you and how your own body reacts to CBD, it’s dosage and the way you intake it – something only you should carefully explore with you, yourself and you only. 

However, it is safe to assume that CBD helps coping with anxiety, proven by chemical and biological reactions, the amount of data allows to say that. Therefore, to learn how it affects you personally, you may absolutely play around the topic. If you are just a beginner or a profound user or CBD, you may take a look at the following item:

Best seller full spectrum MCT drops are good for you for many reasons. First of all, it contains 5 different CBD oil concentrations, so whether you know how to use CBD or just starting, it will be a very useful and convenient way to do so. This package contains 5 CBD concentrations in the amount of 10 ml each, starting with 5% concentration up to 30%. 

It is important, if you are just starting, to use one or two drops of 5% the first time of using, and then either make the dosage bigger or simply switch to a bigger percentage. 

If you are an experienced user, you can intake 25% or 30% on a daily basis, and use 5% for taking care of your skin, or having a nice bath and so on. The options are limitless and you are very welcome to explore and share your experience. 

Many users, who have just tried CBD for anxiety for the first time, always notice how it takes around 20-30 min to feel first soft mild effects or inner relaxation. No haziness whatsoever, just a very subtle relaxing feeling and nothing else. As a positive side effect, you may actually get your sleeping schedule improved alongside better appetite and eating habits, better mindset and so on. Why not try right now? 

Marry Jane has a wide range of CBD oils and its concentration. For example, HS series will make you feel how the heart stops beating as loud and as often, meaning that the anxiety levels are surely going down, slowing you from spiraling down the anxiety lane. You will feel how the mind stops racing, and how even little things that made you worry – aren’t that important, and who knows, perhaps you will find the solutions to things that are needed to be done, but scare you so much. 

There is even a water soluble option, meaning that the ingredients used are the best quality and of course, absolutely natural and grown with care, and contain the full range of natural cannabinoids. The very first time it is probably best to intake CBD before going to bed, so that you can learn more about your body’s reaction. Most probably you will feel so carefree and relaxed, your body will become heavier for a few moments and you will peacefully drift away to the land of dreams, perhaps, for the first time in a while. 

Even if you are an experienced user, the light version of CBD oil with low 15% concentration can become a great alternative for any type of evening routine. Taken under the tongue, applied on your skin, used in an aroma lamp or any other way you feel like trying – there are so many ways to experience CBD. Even the process of learning and listening to your body reaction is therapeutic enough and may actually take off your mind a thing or two. 

Check the CBD oil section to select the very right option for you only and start experimenting right away. 

It takes time to fully feel and experience the whole spectrum of CBD and how it interacts with your body, how the anxiety sleeps away and doesn’t come back for a while now. And remember, the key to efficiency is consistency, so please experiment and explore, the more you learn – the better the effect is. 

Over time you will absolutely see and feel how social interactions are becoming less stressful, how bad weather won’t put you in a bad place anymore and how from now on – in a good place is your one and only state of mind. 

Learn and let go with ease, and CBD is a great tool in doing so. Marry Jane really cares alot about the product’s quality and the way users experience CBD. Release your true self with Marry Jane and enjoy the calmness, new positive vibrations and freedom from anxiety. 

CBD oil won’t just take the stress away, it will also help you to stay more focused on your work, when you are interacting with people or just handling day to day business. 

Remember, that CBD takes time, intaken or smoked, and over time you may open new sides of CBD and how it improves your anxiety for the better. 

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