How the gift of a stair lift will improve the life of a loved one


As a caring son you are worried about your mother. Your dad passed away a couple of years ago and she has shown signs of deterioration while maintaining she wants to remain in the family home. Getting upstairs is a major issue, as it causes her pain, and she had a trip last week which you are sure was worse than she was letting on.

You can see that it is making her more irritable, as your mum has always been an independent woman. You decide that it is time to treat her and convince her the best option is to get mobility assistance from a stair lift company in Redditch.

The benefits are immediate, and a stairlift doesn’t have to cost too much as used models are available.

  • The are easy to use with wireless remote controls, allowing the user to call or send the lift to the top or bottom of the stairs, ideal if anyone else with similar issues is visiting.
  • A stair lift will carry a maximum weight of 25 stone, so it also allows to carry manageable items on the knees of the user.
  • There are powered and folding rail options so fitting a stairlift in a confined space is no problem.
  • A stairlift comes with a full warranty so there is no problem if a sudden breakdown occurs, as it offers protection from potentially costly repairs.

Installing a stair lift will change the life of a loved one with mobility issues immediately for the better.

Raiden Sterling

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