How to accept Klever and withdraw fiat?


Blockchain is said to have revolutionized global finance by bringing a permissionless and peer-to-peer solution for transferring money to all people on the planet. The Klever Finance project builds on blockchain technology to further accelerate the world’s transition to digital assets and expand the horizons of the decentralized economy. Few projects can match the potential of Klever Finance. It has an expansive infrastructure that comprises both its native blockchain and exchange. The overall objective of Klever is to “create innovative, easy-to-use, and secure products powered by peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies.” NOWPayments enables merchants to accept payments in KLV and automatically convert them to fiat.

How to accept Klever crypto and get fiat?

Key points:

  • KLV is the native coin of Klever.
  • KLV helps businesses cut costs and get new clients.
  • Deploy KLV payments and convert them to fiat via NOWPayments.

What is Klever coin?

The Klever crypto, also known as KLV, is the native token of the Klever ecosystem. KLV is utilized for performing various operations within the Klever system. For instance, KLV is needed to send transactions, stake, and mint NFTs. Additionally, validators staking their coins receive KLV rewards. The KLV crypto exists on the Tron network, an efficient blockchain processing transactions expeditiously and without breaking users’ banks. Thus, KLV is perfectly positioned to become a popular choice among merchants and consumers alike.

Advantages of Klever payments

Improve financial privacy

Improve financial privacy

Confidentiality is essential while purchasing goods and services online, yet most consumers do not have the privilege of enjoying privacy when shopping on the Internet.

Conventional payment processing services constantly demand their customers to go through extensive KYC checks and disclose their personal information to firms from which they purchase goods. While most individuals recognize that they have no privacy, a few still prefer to have the possibility of making payments anonymously. Companies can use the Klever currency as a private means of payment. KLV owners are not required to provide any sensitive data in order to execute KLV transactions.

Bring down your fee expenses

Bring down your fee expenses

When accepting and sending money transfers, businesses encounter the need to pay substantial processing fees. The worst part about these charges is that they are unavoidable. Despite at times being downright absurd, merchants have no other option than to continue paying them. Furthermore, fee expenditures tend to add up and result in big sums towards the end of the fiscal year.

KLV transactions can enable companies to reduce the size of the fees they need to cover by embracing transactions with cheaper fees. Businesses may considerably lower their fee charges by adopting Klever because KLV crypto transactions cost less than $0.1. Such a price leads to a significant reduction in yearly fee expenditures.

Attract KLV investors

Attract KLV investors

Companies have an easy solution for attracting a great deal of attention from crypto users by simply deploying KLV payments. Start taking KLV as payment and you are guaranteed to catch the eye of the Klever community. There are thousands of individuals served by the Klever ecosystem.

A person with KLV in their wallet will be delighted to pay for products of a business that features KLV payments. Furthermore, because the Klever coin is a fairly young crypto, few companies have begun to receive it as payment. So, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the early adoption.

Accelerate payments

Accelerate payments

The hours wasted by businesses on dealing with financial processes are frequently a serious issue. Banks regularly have extremely slow operations that ultimately impact merchants that use them. Banks may handle cross-border money transactions for days. There is also a concept of bank holidays that occasionally puts all financial activity in certain countries on hold. 

It is scarcely news that such things harm firms, particularly multinational ones that have many abroad sales and foreign vendors. However, the problem of sluggish transactions can be eliminated by switching to KLV coin transactions. KLV is almost instant and it takes a few seconds to send KLV coins. KLV can assist firms in transferring money more quickly, which will improve their efficiency and productivity.

No chargebacks

No chargebacks

Chargeback fraud is among the most prevalent kinds of risks that organizations deal with today. The biggest issue with chargeback fraud is that there is no effective way to stop it because financial institutions are the only parties with authority over such affairs.

Cryptocurrencies empower retailers to regain control over chargebacks. Because all KLV transactions are irrevocable, chargeback fraud is impossible in the case of Klever. So, if you opt to accept KLV payments, you may say goodbye to chargeback fraud for good. KLV allows firms to address actual chargeback problems with clients directly. For example, in the event of a stolen crypto wallet, the victim will need to call the firm and convince them that the payment was sent by fraudsters rather than them.

How to let customers pay with Klever coin and get fiat

NOWPayments enables businesses to accept Klever token payments. Additionally, merchants can automatically convert the KLV coins they receive into fiat. NOWPayments has partnered with Switchere to facilitate the conversion process for clients. Although KLV is not supported by Switchere, merchants can still use the auto-conversion feature. By employing the built-in balances feature of NOWPayments, KLV can be converted to an asset supported by Switchere (e.g., XRP). Once the exchange is conducted, you will be able to withdraw your money in fiat.


NOWPayments is a KLV payment gateway that lets companies not only get paid in KLV but also convert their crypto to fiat currencies such as dollars or euros.

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