How to accept SRK crypto and withdraw fiat?


SparkPoint is a blockchain with one of the industry’s most diversified and vast ecosystems. SparkPoint SparkPoint includes a variety of products, among which SparkPoint Wallet, SparkPlay, and SparkLearn particularly stand out. SparkPoint’s native token is SRK. It is used to power all platform operations and, ultimately, allows users to engage with SparkPoint’s products. Businesses may also embrace SRK as a viable payment solution. In fact, thanks to NOWPayments, businesses now can charge their clients in SRK but receive the final payment in fiat. Use NOWPayments’ tools to accept SRK coin payments and withdraw your profits in fiat.

How to accept SparkPoint crypto and get fiat?

Key points:

What is SparkPoint?

The SRK cryptocurrency has numerous use cases inside and outside the SparkPoint ecosystem. It serves as the backbone of its native project. A major feature of SRK is that its total quantity of 14 billion coins is projected to fall to 10 billion. Essentially, there will be fewer SRK coins in the future than there are today. This is due to the fact that SparkPoint employs a deflationary approach to token production. This is fantastic news for consumers and companies that wish to keep SRK tokens in their wallets since the fewer the SRK supply, the more likely the currency’s value will rise.

Advantages of SparkPoint payments

Secure payments

Secure payments

SparkPoint offers the greatest degree of protection by leveraging world-class infrastructure and technology in the sphere of blockchain security. To begin with, all SRK transactions are totally peer-to-peer, which implies that no middlemen participate in these transactions.

Essentially, there are always only two parties to every SRK transaction, namely, the sender and the recipient. By removing intermediaries, SparkPoint enables users to conduct transactions without exposing their private information to anyone. Furthermore, SRK coins may be held in a non-custodial wallet that is completely secure from any hacking efforts. Non-custodial wallets do not store the private keys of users and, therefore, do not have control over their funds. Essentially, by accepting SRK, companies can be certain that their cash will always be safe and accessible at all times.

Zero chargeback fraud

Zero chargeback fraud

Because SRK is a safe cryptocurrency, using it as a means of payment allows companies to prevent many types of fraud. In fact, it lets them practically forget about the majority of fraud types which are widespread among traditional payment solutions.

Chargeback fraud is an example of fraud that SRK transactions eradicate completely, helping businesses to relieve the stress caused by the risk of losing their hard-earned money to scammers. Basically, on the blockchain, chargeback fraud is impossible due to several factors, yet, primarily, because SRK transactions are peer-to-peer. So, there is no third party to administer chargebacks. There is no mechanism for chargebacks in the case of SRK apart from the one which involves asking the merchant to refund the money at their own discretion. This implies that when businesses accept SRK, they are guaranteed not to fall prey to chargeback scammers.

Universally accessible payment method

Universally accessible payment method

SRK is also an excellent choice for businesses that want to have a universal payment mechanism, which is accessible to all of their clients no matter where they reside. Essentially, retailers frequently have difficulty when their customers are unable to use conventional payment methods owing to various geographical constraints.

For instance, some payment services may not operate in certain countries, while methods such as bank transfers can be too slow and costly to use. Thus, businesses may lose a good share of their potential international clients. Because SparkPoint has no stringent boundaries, SRK can be freely transferred and received by users in any place on the planet as long as they have an Internet connection.

Convenient payment process

Convenient payment process

SRK payments are an extremely intuitive method of payment that does not require a degree in rocket science. After all, there is no extra equipment needed to make or receive an SRK payment. Merchants may either automate or manually take SRK payments using a laptop or even a mobile phone.

A QR code may be used to conduct an SRK payment, which is far more efficient than traditional payment methods.

Free brand promotion

Free brand promotion

Accepting SRK coin payments is usually a good strategy to increase your exposure in the crypto community. Because corporate adoption of the SRK cryptocurrency is still very limited, any news about enterprises adopting SRK as a crypto payment instantly makes waves among the holders of the SparkPoint coin.

This is essentially a free marketing opportunity. Furthermore, the SRK coin has a large number of followers and investors who are eager to spend their money on real-world goods and services. So, if you set up SparkPoint crypto payments, there is a good likelihood that many SparkPoint cryptocurrency investors will come to your location to test your cuisine and pay with SRK.

How to let customers pay with SparkPoint crypto and get fiat

NOWPayments enables businesses to accept SparkPoint token payments. Additionally, merchants can automatically convert the SRK coins they receive into fiat. NOWPayments has partnered with Switchere to facilitate the conversion process for clients. Although the SRK token is not supported by Switchere, merchants can still use the auto-conversion feature. By employing the built-in balances feature of NOWPayments, the SparkPoint crypto can be converted to an asset supported by Switchere (e.g., XRP). Once the exchange is conducted, you will be able to withdraw your money in fiat


NOWPayments is an SRK payment gateway enabling businesses to get SRK from their clients as a means of payment.

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