How to benefit from fundraising in AVNRich


AVNRich is a large eCommerce company from India which is building the country’s leading online marketplace. It is also one of the first big businesses in India to introduce blockchain technology to its operations. Thanks to AVNRich’s utilization of blockchain, everyone can use the marketplace’s native coin, AVN, to access digital goods and services offered by AVNRich. At the same time, AVN can also be effectively leveraged by businesses and nonprofits to raise funding. The AVNRich token is a universal currency that has a host of features useful for the purpose of fundraising. NOWPayments facilitates the process of raising AVN funds via special tools.

Benefits of fundraising in AVNRich crypto

Key points:

  • AVN is the native coin of AVNRich.
  • Fundraising using the AVN coin can boost transparency and facilitate global money transfers.
  • Get funding in AVN via NOWPayments.

What is AVNRich?

AVNRich aspires to bring together blockchain technology and eCommerce. The platform lets everyone purchase high-quality products and do it while enjoying all of the advantages offered by cryptocurrencies. The AVN token is the native token of the AVNRich platform. AVN is a versatile currency that performs many roles. It is used as a reward for making use of the AVNRich multi-vendor platform. The AVNRich coin lives on the BNB Smart Chain.

What is crypto fundraising

Crypto fundraising is a new way of collecting money for various causes and other purposes which involve crypto contributions. Essentially, it is similar to standard fundraising procedures with the exception that fiat money is replaced by cryptocurrencies. Crypto fundraising is in many ways superior to the conventional method.

Ways AVN benefits your fundraising

Let investors send contributions privately

Let investors send contributions privately

Blockchain is an anonymous technology, which means that cryptocurrencies such as the AVN crypto do not ask users for any private information. This entails that individuals may utilize AVN while staying incognito. When raising funds, you need to cater to the needs of your potential clients and some of them may wish to maintain their confidentiality when participating in your cause.

So, give them an opportunity to remain anonymous when sending a donation or investing in your startup by letting them pay in the AVN coin.

Ensure complete transparency

Ensure complete transparency

Every blockchain stores details on all transactions taking place on it. Thus, people may then simply access this information by using a special explorer.

Organizations looking to increase transparency when raising funds may use AVN token transactions as a solution for improving accountability and demonstrating to all investors and donors how much money has been raised and how it has been spent. Such a measure may increase trust among potential investors and encourage them to make a decision to support the project.

Facilitate global money transfers

Facilitate global money transfers

Remittances are one of the most common use cases of cryptocurrencies, including AVN. People find it extremely easy to make international crypto transfers because they are fast and borderless, unlike bank transactions. Accessibility provided by AVN can empower organizations seeking funding to make their project universally accessible for participation to every individual on the planet.

Everyone can use AVN, as long as they have an internet connection. There are no additional barriers to entry here such as KYC or third-party transaction verification.

Reduce fee expenses

Reduce fee expenses

Fees are a pain for all organizations and AVN crypto transactions are the best remedy here. It costs mere cents to send AVN and it costs nothing to accept it. Raising capital for a cause or venture implies handling a large sum of money. AVN transactions can help you avoid wasting a share of this sum on fees and other charges. So, embrace AVN crypto transactions to get more bang for the buck.

Attract investors

Attract investors

The AVNRich ecosystem consists of an impressive network of consumers and businesses. You can tap into the potential of the AVNRich market by offering these people and organizations the option of supporting your project through AVN contributions. Some of them may become interested in your project, while others will be excited to show their gratitude for creating another use case for their favorite coin.

Basically, by accepting AVN, you will open your project to a prospective stream of investment offered by AVN holders and users.

Ok, how to raise funds with AVN?

NOWPayments is an AVN payment gateway enabling organizations to feature both payments and donations in AVN. There are three main tools that you can use to deploy AVNRich token donations:

Let’s explore how you can create a donation link, follow these steps:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account here.
  2. Enter your public AVNRich crypto address.
Enter your public AVNRich crypto address
  1. In the left sidebar press “Payment Tools” and then “Donations.”
In the left sidebar press "Payment Tools" and then "Donations."
  1. Come up with a domain name for your link and choose the fields which you want to appear in your donation link invoice and click “Save.”
Come up with a domain name for your link
  1. To donate, open the newly-generated link in another tab, specify the currency, and the size of the donation, and press “Donate.”
open the newly-generated link in another tab
  1. You will be offered a donation invoice which you will be able to pay by either scanning a QR code or manually typing in the crypto address in your wallet to make a transaction.
You will be offered a donation invoice


NOWPayments is a reliable AVN payment gateway. Organizations and individuals can raise funds in AVN crypto by relying on NOWPayments.

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