Individual X3M Competition (Velvet Blue and Tartufo) has arrived…


Greetings Xers…

First time X3 owners as we usually had “bigger SUVs” (Cayennes, X5s) but noticed that the X3s were getting bigger. Kids are off to college so no need for extra-extra space anymore.

Since my buddy Phil @ DD had his BRG X3MC, started me thinking of the nasty things I could do. So started calling around. None of the local dealers had allocations so I got hooked up with BMW of St Louis. I gave them a deposit, they took my order and I waited. We ordered Individual Velvet Blue and Tartufo interior.

3 months later, the truck arrived at at the dealer. First stop, to Detailers Domain to get some prep done. There they did their magic and installed Xpel everywhere, ceramic coated every nook and cranny and to finish it off, installed some KW V3s.

Time for some break in miles!

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