M4 G82 Nordschleife track build project


Last weekend we went out on the Nordschleife with the G82 for the first time. We just wanted to see how the stock car works before we start the modifications.

First of all we put it on the wheel scale:

BMW says it has 1800kg incl. 90% fuel, 68kg driver and 7kg luggage. So for the empty car it means 1680kg. We measured 1713kg with 50% fuel which means around 1690kg empty. Quite close to the weight BMW says.

On Saturday we went out on the Nordschleife. The difference between G82 and G82 is really huge. Bigger than I thougt. Engine, suspension… everything works better.

We didn’t push and take laptimes because it was a public TF session. But I’m quite sure that the car is really fast. Let’s see which time we can do after the modifications.


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