M5 Owner’s Breakfast Beverly Hills- Sept 18 Meetup


@Greer what a blast. Thank you Gene for such an amazing event from start to finish. I truly appreciated meeting like minded fellow enthusiasts in persons and bonding over these cars that we all love so much.

Special thanks to Auto Vault Beverly Hills for hosting us over breakfast, providing us a space to gather and curating a group of unique and rare cars that we got to admire.

Here are some photos from today, I think in total we were at least 20-25 cars but I didn’t take photos earlier as we left BH. Some of the cars that I can recall are Frozen Green M5CS, BHG M5, Imola Red M8, another E39 with Dinan Emblems, a yellow 992 4S (i believe it was 4s), a 991.2 GTS. I am sure there are more photos out there of the rest of the pack so would be great if we could see them as well lol.


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