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“That’s the thorn in the M4 CSL’s side, the contradiction at its very heart. If it’s so much more impressive on circuit (decked out in semi-slicks) then why didn’t BMW lean into that? Fill it with roll cage scaffolding, nail a wing to the boot and call it a GTS.

The CSL is an improved M4, but it’s also a confused product that’s full of mixed messages. I’m certain if 2022 hadn’t been the 50th anniversary of M, then this thing would never have had the CSL badge. It reeks of being a convenient marketing opportunity from the same tone-deaf product planning department that brought you the XM. Why not keep the CSL powder dry and save it for a more appropriate M2 CSL?”

Ouch but yet another big time automotive magazine asking for an M2 CSL.

Until that car comes, I made my very own M2 CSL. Removed about 200 lbs, now track focused but kept the factory suspension and tune.


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