My E24 refresh project [1983 633csi]



Some of you may have followed my E9 resto thread linked below.

Since it is pretty much sorted, and my 2002 is best it has been in my care, my dad and I felt like it was time for another project. To be honest, its not. My e36 m3 needs some love, we have a Cherokee Chief thats a full resto, a 74 BMW 2002 that is currently a rolling shell, and a 1983 Porche 944 that has been sitting for 10-12 years… But yea we have nothing to do, so picked we picked up this nice little 1983 633csi.

Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr

Honestly, its a pretty good car. It was repainted at some point, by someone that knew what they were doing, but its not a concours show car. There is one spot that has a paint blend that iffy but I am hoping with a polish it will be passable. I am going to start on the detail next week.

Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr

Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr

The interior has some wear, which is expected, but over all very nice. The leather looks to be in good shape but its pretty dirty. I cleaned a small test spot last night and I cannot wait to do a 50/50 shot once I use my good cleaners.

Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr

As for plans. Right now we are going to address some small mechanical stuff(exhaust is loud, fluid change, engine mounts might be going, etc etc) and cosmetic issues. Detail, painting or replacing some interior trim bits(steering wheel, shifter, seat trim, etc etc), adding a radio with BT, and just generally looking it over. Since the car is already lowered on H&R springs, I would like to source some better wheels and possibly put a Nardi in it. This shouldn’t be anywhere near what the e9 project was but I will be documenting it here. Stay tuned.


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