New M2 pics from Luxemburg…



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I’ve gotten used to the look of the car, it’s just that face I can’t get over. It’s so awkward and blocky, and don’t understand the rationale to not have trim surrounding the kidneys. No angel eyes either.

None are deal killers, but definitely not a car I’d look back at and admire.

I don’t know if you already seen the car in person, but like you I don’t appreciate it when I saw the first pics.
But, today I saw it the first time in person and in my opinion the new M2 is just amazing!
I can’t buy this car, because I have 2 kids and the car have not enough space.
If i could buy it as a second ( pleasure ) car i would buy it right away.
Even the rear, which I thought was ugly, today I definitely like it. The car looks very brutal, but at the same time very classy and very sporty!
In my opinion…


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