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My companion was seeking underwear with extra frontal space. The majority of companies that provide this service often target homosexual guys who want to truly improve the appearance of their genitalia.

He looked everywhere for anything that was marketed in a short and wouldn’t make him seem as if he served drinks in a homosexual bar since that isn’t who he is.

Then he discovered Obviously, and their advertising seems to be targeted at men who simply wanted a cosy pair of underwear. Great!

He found precisely what he was searching for in the bag, which is just additional material upfront. He then chose this pair as well as another pair from a different range.

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The size details that Obviously offers are precise. The underwear readily stretches and shapes your figure. It was a first for me when I drew the guys up; they fell precisely and joyfully into the pouch with no need for correction.

In fact, the bag is absolutely ideal from a comfort standpoint. Normally, when I put on a pair of underwear, I am fully conscious of the crotch lightly touching the gents. They just sat there with these. It was a major realisation.

In terms of the marketed underwear type, I wouldn’t classify this as a real brief. The short, the bikini brief, and the hipster brief are the three types of underwear they offer.

Given this, I kind of anticipated that they would have a more conservative cut with more butt covering and a higher rise. These, however, fall more into the hipster short category. The result is ultimately a little ludicrous.

When wearing these, the pouch’s size in relation to the rest of the underwear creates a wonderfully disgusting image. Otherwise, both the cut and the material cause them to ride up quite easily.


A very thin modal/lycra combination makes up the material. Although the material is far thinner than any underwear I have ever worn, these pants stretch much more easily than any other pair I have ever worn.

Most of the time, the underwear keeps its shape, although it will obviously wrinkle in places where it doesn’t fit you well. For instance, there will be wrinkles around the leg openings if you have any kind of tummy.

This is not an issue if you just want underwear, but considering the cut and how it is supposed to fit, they are intended to be shown. This is evident in the available hues and patterns.

As the last point about the material’s thinness, keep in mind that occasionally you could simply be having a lousy day of pooping. A lousy one, not a disastrous one. To every one of us, it occurs.

The substance has a thickness comparable to two or three sheets of paper piled on top of one another. Now think about how the material’s thinness leads to the underwear riding up.

Now consider if it seems like it will provide your jeans with a strong enough barrier. My instinct screams no, but I’m not confident enough to try it. Additionally, I don’t see them lasting very long in the washer.

Customers Reviews


The only aspect about Obviously underwear I dislike is its inconsistent size. I had to get these briefs in a Large even though the manufacturer’s size should be gigantic on me since I wear a 32″ waist in trousers.

Even more annoying is the fact that various models of otherwise very identical briefs have varied sizes, and sometimes even the same model shorts come in different colours! Therefore, always purchase from a merchant that accepts returns.


Since learning about Obviously pouch underwear, I never purchase anything else. They may first seem to be very costly, yet they wear like iron.

I still have my original pair, which despite being black, have just recently started to fade after being used and cleaned almost regularly for three years. The elastic on the waistline is still flawless. Therefore, over time, this underwear really saves you money.

My Experience with Obviously Underwear

One day I was tweeting, and Obviously answered and inquired as to if I had a pair of their thongs. I informed them I didn’t, and a few tweets later, here I am reviewing their Chromatic Low Rise Thong.

It doesn’t happen often that a thong maker asks me to wear their products. If every business invited me to wear their thong, that would be a dream come true. So, thank you, Obviously’s tweeter!

Fast-forward to when I finally received my first pair from Obviously. A lovely pair in blue. I was taken aback by how silky the cloth was when I first removed the pair from the plastic wrap.

Online fabric descriptions for underwear are common. It often mentions how soft the cloth is. You discover the underwear is as soft as cardboard when it comes in the mail. After washing it, it becomes a piece of starched felt. You may laugh all you want, but it’s true.

Despite being simple, the design was extremely nicely done. The nice, smooth elastic of the low-rise waistline fits me well. No muffin top or traces of elastic remain once the garment has been taken off. That has to be the worst.

When you take off a pair of underwear after feeling seductive in them, you’ll see a red mark on your skin. Some people might argue that I should size up, but if I did, they would be too large.

I always work out in thongs, therefore I detest the moment when I have to go in the shower and my skin ripples because of a tight thong.

Obviously seems to have been custom-made for my body because it is so opulently soft and comfortable. The pouch of the thong is hemmed separately from the thong strap.

In the hem of the pouch, many brands include a tiny piece of elastic. This thong neither has it nor requires it. Even without an elastic pressing against my skin, I felt very supported.

The flexibility and cut of the bag will be highly adaptive to your demands, so our readers who have a huge package may take heart.

To be honest, I had laundry to do before I could write this post. After the first wash, some of the pairs I examined began to pill or tear.

I was concerned that the plush material would end up looking generic. You must realise that I find particular washing instructions for underwear and the practice of separating my garments to be ludicrous. It’s lingerie.

Everything for the laundry is simply washed and dried simultaneously. Congratulations to Obviously for picking up my laundry indifference talents. I will be a lifelong admirer of Obviously if they continue to manufacture great quality underpants with such skill.

I definitely suggest Obviously as a must-have item for your collection whether you are new to thongs or are an ardent thong man.


  • Excellent fabric
  • Superb cut,
  • Really light


  • I only received one pair to evaluate.

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Actually, they are really driving me crazy. I can’t emphasise enough how much more comfortable the pouch is than regular-sized underwear.

Unfortunately, it seems like Obviously is attempting to walk a fine line between guys who only want some comfy underwear and men who want to be gogo boys.

Right now, I’m content to just enjoy wearing my Mack Weldon AirknitX briefs, which fit well in the pouch and don’t need constant tweaking. I’ll give them another thought if Obviously decides to take up the topic of men’s necessities seriously.


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