Photo shooting in beautiful Alps scenery! IOMG / M4C / 1000M / KW V4



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What an amazing and clean build.

What drop did you use, btw?

Any major specs to share?

Thank you

I have the kWv4 suspensions on it, there have been some multiple sessions of height and setup adjustments until I was happy. I think the drop is around 40mm now.

Sure, I can share some details, however not that muuuch mods to it, as I like to mod my cars in a clean and subtle way

– Full Leather Silverstone interior with CBs
– KWv4 Suspension
– 12.5mm spacers front and rear
– 1000M for summer
– 826 with stock sizes for winter (currently being repainted in a dark bronze finish)
– Full carbon package (exterior and interior)
– Fully speced except ceramics and radar (solely because I don’t like the look of the grill with the radar and no ceramics as it’s a daily and winters here in Switzerland)
– Full paint correction and ceramic coating

Still planning to do:

– CSL alcantara steering wheel
– Exhaust (probably Akrapovic)
– Vorsteiner carbon grille (not sure yet)


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