Should I Get Penis Lengthening Surgery?


Are you a grower not a shower?

Many men across the country experience low confidence because of the size of their penis and access penis enlargement surgery to increase not only the size of their penis but their confidence levels too.

How do you know if penis lengthening surgery is right for you?

Is penis lengthening for me?

Men who opt for penis surgery often experience what is referred to as ‘Shower syndrome.’

As explored by Men’s Health, this includes fear or anxiety in situations of public nudity, such as in public showers, but can include using urinals, or if caught short outdoors, for example, if camping or hiking.

This fear is centred on the belief that the individual has a shorter penis than his peers.

For some, there is a sexual reason behind penis lengthening, but for most the benefit comes from increased confidence, rather than any physical change.

If you are fearful or anxious that your penis is shorter than the UK average, around 5.17 inches, then considering penis lengthening procedures may give you back your confidence.

What does penis lengthening surgery involve?

When considering penis lengthening procedures, you have two options, surgical, ligamentous surgery, or non-surgical, using a penis extender.

Penis extender

A penis extender can be started at around 6 weeks after, or instead of, ligamentous surgery.

The medical device is worn for 1-2 hours per day to increase the erect penis size for 12 months.

Though many urologists have reported mixed results, up to one inch of growth can be expected and this is both when flaccid and erect.

It is important that the penis extender you receive comes after a consultation with a suitably qualified doctor and is a medically prescribed device, rather than one purchased from the internet.

Ligamentous surgery

Ligamentous surgery involves dividing the thick fibrous suspensory ligament from its attachment to the public bone.

A small half-moon incision is made at the base of the penis, which when separated, allows the penis to hang forward in a lower position.

95% of men who undergo this surgery will receive an extra 1-2 inches of length, evident when flaccid only.

It is worth noting that some patients opt for receiving girth enhancement at the same time as undergoing lengthening surgery.

Patients should be aware that while this is a very efficient method of receiving extra girth and length, girth surgery has an impact on erect length, as the injected fat will disrupt the skin longitudinally as well as in girth.

How long is the recovery for penis lengthening surgery?

Good recovery is essential after any surgery, especially when your surgery has been in a delicate area.

You will have some kind of surgical dressing to cover the incision site, and this will need to be redressed after around a week.

You should rest for 4-6 weeks and avoid strenuous or sexual activity, to allow the penis to heal effectively.

Contact the professionals to book your penis lengthening surgery

The idea of discussing your suitability for penis-lengthening procedures can make you apprehensive, but high-quality surgeons should make you feel at ease and be able to answer any queries you may have.

To find these surgeons you could check online, reading recent reviews and testimonials and fully exploring their websites with a critical eye, to ensure they are reputable and can be trusted.



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