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If you want more support and ultra-soft cotton, Stance’s Wholester Boxer Brief with Butter Blend is a great option. Their novel pouch maintains your guys’ comfort while preserving their independence (check out our photos below).

And the cloth they use is a special combination that is among the softest we have ever touched. These are a fantastic option for everyday wear.

What material are they made of?

The “Butter Blend” model has 26% lyocell, 9% elastane, and 65% modal. We haven’t seen anything like this combination before.

These boxer briefs are very soft because of the high modal content. Strength and moisture absorption are increased by the lyocell. All of it remains elastic and tight to your body thanks to the elastane (spandex).

This fabric mix has a great feel to it, and we anticipate that it will retain its form better than other manufacturers’ micromodal/elastane blends (such as the Second Skin line by Tommy John).

Are boxer briefs from Stance comfortable?

Yes, very definitely! These underwear for men are among the finest because they excel in two crucial areas: softness and pouch support. Because of its modal/lyocell hybrid, the fabric is very soft, as was already described.

Regular cotton underwear simply can’t compete with its amount of softness. Additionally, the lyocell increases durability.

The additional pouch lining and the comfort it offers during the day will also be appreciated by the majority of guys. The waistline is really secure and just slightly soft. When you move it, you can rely on it to remain there and not roll.

How is the package supported?

A really soft ribbed fabric (perhaps modal?) lines the ball pocket. It accomplishes its intended purpose of holding everything firmly in place while being gentle. Gentleness is the essential word here.

There are so many styles of testicular support underwear that they really limit your mobility. There is no doubt that the Stance boxer brief is not constrictive.

If you extend too far in any way, the pouch will release you without a struggle. Otherwise, it will retain your lads softly.

Because it’s difficult to understand the pouch on its own, we included a few ping pong balls in the pouch to assist you to understand how the Stance is constructed.

How does it wick away moisture?

The Stance boxer shorts are very adaptable. They excel in a professional settings and excel in social situations. Their blend’s lyocell fabric aids in wicking moisture, which lowers bacteria and lessens smells.

So this is a win-win situation. Now keep in mind that mixes of semi-synthetic textiles, like Stance’s Butterblend, can’t fully compete with the performance fabrics constructed entirely of synthetic materials (Stance actually has a performance line made out of nylon).

But the Wholester earns a strong two thumbs up if you’re searching for a blend of plush softness with casual exercise moisture-wicking.


Is there a fly on it?

The typical side-to-side access you have presumably grown familiar with is included in these underpants. However, this fly is more difficult to use than anticipated because of its smaller aperture and tighter fabric than we had anticipated. Just getting accustomed to it takes some time.

Unexpected visitors won’t be able to arrive at the party because of the tightness, which may have been Stance’s intention when they created this design.

Are there tags on it?

On the waistline, there is a protracted, bothersome tag. There are no instructions on how to remove it, but if you do decide to do so, it comes off VERY neatly, leaving no sign that it was ever there. You decide whether or not to leave the small man there.

How should my Stance Boxer Briefs be cleaned?

The maker advises machine washing on cold and tumbles drying on low, as is typical for modal materials. The boxers don’t wrinkle excessively and maintain their form effectively, unlike bamboo or 100% cotton underwear.

Additionally, the modal/lyocell fabric combination should outlast its softer, more delicate micromodal counterparts in terms of resistance to pilling and damage.

Pros and Cons of Stance Mens Underwear


  • Supportive ball pouch
  • Luxury soft modal blend
  • Many design options


  • Small vertical fly
  • Expensive

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Customer Reviews

Customer 1:

A solid boxer brief all around. I chose to test out a few different pairings. For purposes of comparison, I bought both this brand and the 2undr brand (Swing Shift Long Leg). For quality that lasts, I don’t mind paying extra for boxer briefs.

I purposely purchased the STANCE and 2undr brands because of this and the several reviews that said they wouldn’t ride. I think the 2undr brand is superior (same quality, no ride). Below are details about STANCE:

The Funny:

A ruler is included. Really? I have no idea what this is used for.

The Good:

  • Keep the guys cool
  • Soft Material
  • True to Color
  • Won’t Fade
  • Good Quality
  • True to Size

The Bad:

  • Extremely lengthy tag (you’ll see)
  • Slightly pricey

The Ugly:

They ride up in the legs (despite reviews stating otherwise)


Customer 2:

Not the finest, but it’s comfortable…

These boxer briefs are made of supple, comfy cloth. I purchased a size big and have a 34-35 waist. Unfortunately, they did not live up to the other evaluations I read or the high price tag.

They rode up my legs. It should be noted that I am taller than most people, so that could have had a role in this. I’m 6’4″, so maybe someone who is of normal height wouldn’t have this problem as they would have more of the thigh covered.

I used to own some more comfortable earlier Under Armour boxer underwear (the M series), which are sadly no longer available.

Compared to the Stance boxer briefs I tested, Tommy John Second Skin and Cool Cotton boxer briefs are likewise significantly more comfortable.

Customer 3: Brett (Amazon)

These briefs gave off the sensation of being quite cosy and hugging the nuggets well. On second thought, each pair of boxer briefs costs around $30. I feel a bit ripped off when I consider how much I spent for one of them and the fact that they are produced in Cambodia rather than the USA. How long will they be able to withstand the washer and dryer? Stance is undoubtedly succeeding in certain areas, but come on, at least sell a pair of boxers for that amount.

Customer 4: Bob O. (Amazon)

When I was in the Gulf last year, a local native recommended Stance Butter blend. The waistband and leg seams of my swimsuit cut me after two days of swimming in the sandy, salty ocean. These underwear are not only the softest I’ve ever owned, but they are also fantastic for swimming, especially in the ocean or in water with a lot of sediment. Additionally, Stance is more comfortable than the mesh swim underwear in suits because it doesn’t retain water like regular underwear, which becomes heavy and saturated in the water. I advise switching up your swimsuit for some Butterblend and board shorts and wearing them every day.

Customer 5: Brenden (Amazon)

Nothing compares to the soft, light, and breathable luxury that emanates from these boxers from Topman; it truly feels like a cloud is hugging you. How am I aware? I’m wearing them as I write this review.

Every time they come out from the dryer, I grin because I know I’ll get to wear them again soon.

Gifted multiple for Christmas.


I’ve never owned better underwear than these! I like the fabric since it is light, stretchy, and makes you feel like you are wearing nothing.

I like the way it fits: the seam follows the contour of your butt, it’s snug without feeling like underwear, and the pouch has enough space for the guys without constricting. I have other pairs of Stance underwear that fit me better, but I could wear this particular style forever!

Boxer briefs aren’t generally my thing, but I got them to wear underneath basketball shorts while playing, and they work well for that. a great deal comfier than comparable items like the Nike Pro Combat.

The right materials provide for a snug but not unpleasant fit. What more is there to say? It feels wonderful, looks well, and works perfectly!


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