The new r44 g80 shop car! (Individual Mexico Blue)



We’re back with a bang after moving on from our last G80, returning with our main (halo) shop car!

Rhys always wanted an individual colour, and whilst looking around at options with him, we couldn’t get this spec out of our mind! We opted for Mexico Blue with black carbon buckets and extended leather.

To put it simply, this car really takes my breathe away… and did I mention it’s running the M Performance Exhaust!?!

At first, we weren’t the biggest fans of this system but as we deal with so many of these cars, we thought it was a great opportunity to find out what the system is really about. If you know us, you can imagine it won’t be staying stock very long at all!

Will we keep this centre style exhaust on the car? Only time will tell…

We will be working heavily on product development with MHC this year, bringing a good few new high quality products to the G8X market.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with the builds and what’s going on. Let us know what you would like to see on the car, as well as your thoughts on the new machine!

Also if there are any Mexico blue builds out there, drop some pictures of your car bellow.


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