The Top 40 Dental Health Blog And Website To Follow In 2020


Don’t avoid dental checkup and cleaning

If you’re trying to achieve or maintain healthy teeth and gum, the dental health approved blog enlighten you on how to improve your oral health and overall wellbeing. 

Dental bloggers help us to know how to improve on overall wellbeing and ensure we get the best dental care possible. They share with us on several ways to maintain good oral hygiene, whiter and stronger teeth, brush for longer, floss better, commit to your appointment and even eat healthy food and drink more water.

The problem is that there is so many out there. We search from every angle to find the best within our reach and sort it out from the medical and dental council and American dental association categories – Oral surgery, orthodontic, cosmetics, endodontic, children, and more. So how did we choose the “best of blogs” for 2019?

dental health blogs and website to follow

You’ll find that many of the selections are run by a registered dentist. Other dental care tips are great, but we also value credible, evidence-based health information provided by bonafide experience experts in the field. 

In Addition, these dental health blogs provide a consistent flow of new posts featuring authentic and better content, medical advice, and evidence base ideas to maintain good oral hygiene at home and everywhere you go.

Here are 40 of the best health dental blogs you need to check out in 2019.


amalgam fillings

Aspen Dental: Tooth Fillings & Dental Filling Procedures

This blog provides helpful information about dental filling procedures. Tooth fillings are used to treat cavities, and most people need at least one in their lifetime. Dental filling procedures are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that have been worn down over time.
These blogs describes how fillings for back teeth: dental composite vs. amalgam and how long does each type last? – Longevity statistics from research. / A comparison of advantages & disadvantages. / How to choose which kind to place on the teeth.  The blogs also teach you everything about dentistry

Dr. Cotner serves as President of WMDS, Inc., and the owner of He both founded the Corporation and guided the development of the website from its inception in 2000.

Cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentist

Association of Dental Implantology UK

Provides patient information, frequently asked questions, membership information and directory, list of committee members, and calendar of events.

American Association of general dentistry

 Know your teeth is a blog created by the association and provide dental care and oral health information you need on how to improve your smile, treat discolored teeth, chipped, misshapen or missing. A cosmetic dentist can close spaces between your teeth, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of your teeth.

You can rest assured you are dealing with the professional association of 35,000 general dentists dedicated to staying up to date in the profession through continuing education.  Since 1952, the AGD has grown to become the second-largest dental association in the United States,

Osseo News

osseo news provides educational resource and advice that you need on dental implants and connects with the experts who can help enhance your implant knowledge and solve any dental-implant related issue.  Including real-life clinical cases and questions on implant dentistry for More than 14 years.


Journal of Endodontics

  • Official journal of the American Association of Endodontists. Includes scientific articles, case reports, and comparison studies evaluating pulp conservation and endodontic treatments.

American Association of Endodontists

  • Their mission is to save teeth. Find out information you need about (root canal treatment), and you can ask various questions on the treatment such as what the individual processes are in the treatment, if it is painful and what causes it to fail.

British Endodontic Society

  • BES provides blog information to promote and advance endodontology and provide various resources to dentists and patients about endodontic treatment. Several contributors have submitted articles describing newer Endodontic techniques, newer equipment, and surgical procedures.

Canadian Academy of Endodontics

  • The CAE is to advance the art and science of endodontics, providing learning experiences through lectures and a forum for interaction.

Oral surgery

oral surgery

The American Academy of oral medicine  

Their main purpose is to provide diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of mouth diseases, diagnoses, and treatment for individuals suffering from chronic facial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs). As well has blog Information on causes, symptom, and treatment of lingual nerve damage from dental anesthesia or tooth extraction. Possible treatments and a discussion area for those with this problem.

Orthognathic Surgery Support

Providing education and support for orthognathic surgery patient and blog information in the chatroom, message board, links section and before and after pictures or photo gallery.

Since 1999 they have been providing support to orthognathic surgery patients and their families. 


Orthodontics braces

American Board of Orthodontics

  • Official site of the US certifying board. Includes: certification standards, how to become board certified in orthodontics, list of diplomats in orthodontics.

Mouth Jewelry

  • If you want to have braces, you can check these blog to see famous people with malpositioned teeth and jaws and how they look before you get your own braces on. mouth jewelry is a site to see before and after braces photos, an online forum to chat and discuss issues. If you are considering braces to straighten your teeth, you can check these blog ArchWired for Adults in Orthodontic Braces to have more Knowledge Base on Orthodontic Braces, Including Images, user forums, and encyclopedias.

Orthodontics and Orthotropic

  • Although orthotropics is a relatively old orthodontic therapy, compared to methods such as Invisalign, Damon, Myobrace or Lingual braces, less well known and has taken longer to develop. If you wish to learn more about Orthotropic therapy this blog acts as an excellent resource, in addition, orthotropics is the alternative to straightening teeth with extractions and surgery. Below you can also check Smilepage.

  • Offers information about functional jaw orthopedics which is an alternative to traditional braces. Includes news, articles, and frequently asked questions.

The Orthodontic Information Page

  • Provides advice on choosing an orthodontist, as well as FAQ, dental costs, and products for sale. Also, you will learn everything about braces including dental term and a chance to ask an expert.

Conditions and diseases

eMedicine Health

Consumer health resource center providing information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of a dental abscess.


  • KidsHealth: Bad Breath
    A child-friendly approach to bad breath and how to prevent it. 
  • Offers research about halitosis (bad breath).  Outlines the diagnosis, causes and treatment options for the condition.
  • WebMD – Oral Health Guide
    Find information, prevention, and treatments for bad breath (halitosis).

Periodontal disease

Dental caries

  • European Organisation for Caries Research
    ORCA promotes research into dental caries and related diseases. Definition, causes, incidence, risk factors, symptoms, and treatment. Also, they offer a photo gallery showing various types of decay and describe treatment options.
  • Dental Cavities
    The University of Maryland Medical Center offers an overview of information on the causes, treatment, and prevention of tooth decay.
  • Moving From a Mechanical Approach to a Preventive Model
    Information provided by the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Dentistry, Department of Periodontics. Features a review of the professional literature and includes information on general dental health.


  • Dental Compression Syndrome
    Offers information on DCS, the habit of compressing and grinding one’s teeth. Includes diagnosis, management, and how treatment can relieve temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems and pain.
  • Bruxism
    Marquette University School of Dentistry provides an outline of the clinical features, etiology, and treatment of tooth grinding.
  • Bruxism
    Find information on the movement disorder, symptoms and treatment from Stanford University. Also features links to related resources. Word of Mouth: Breaking the Habit of the Daily Grind. Article provided by the Massachusetts Dental Society describes the causes, signs, and treatment of tooth grinding.
  • The Bruxism Association
    A UK-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping sufferers of bruxism and teeth grinding

Pediatric Dentist

pediatric dentistry


  • If you want your kids to learn about Oral health information, HealthyTeeth is a website to start with. They Discuss teeth, gums, cavities, braces, experiments and activities, teacher’s guide and dental links. They also provide oral health resources and materials for you and your children. They give tips for keeping toothbrushes clean, having a healthy mouth, and tooth-friendly foods and drinks. In addition, your kids we get answers to common questions about their teeth and some fun online games by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Colgate Kids World

  • If you want your kids to have good dental habits with fun and exciting games, apps, and activities then Colgate kids are designed for the task with a lot of free and educational games apps. These educational activities we help your kids get excited about taking great care of their teeth and gums while educating them at the same time on how to achieve good oral hygiene. Help your kids achieve lifelong healthy and good oral habits with these entertaining activities. 

Children’s Dental Health Project

  • No family should be held back from their dreams due to dental disease. This blog is designed to help children and parents to attain good oral health. Dedicated to assisting policymakers, healthcare providers, advocates and parents improve your children’s oral health and increase their access to dental care.

  • is an internet directory of pediatric dentists, focused on helping parents find the best pediatric dentist in their local community, and building healthy smiles to last a lifetime. Also includes resources for professionals and online purchasing.

Pediatric Dental Health

  • Pediatric Dental Health provides online children’s dental health information and helps parents and clinicians play an active role in managing children’s dental health.
  • The site offers useful tools such as a dental forum, site-specific search engine, monthly newsletter, clinical resources page, weekly links to recent specialty articles, and original articles that we enlighten your kids.


Kids in Need of Dentistry is a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality, affordable dental care to children in need throughout Colorado. 
Features dental health tips, games and stories for kids, and health education materials for teachers. [Available in English and Spanish]


  • Denturist Association of British Columbia
    Blog Information for denture users and patients. Information about denture treatments. List of denturists in British Columbia.
  • Quality Dentistry
    Blog Information and answers to common questions about partial dentures.
  • Denturist Association of Manitoba
    Promoting standards of professional ethics for Denturists. Provides a registry by name and location.
  • Denture Help
    provides the information you need to make decisions about denture care, denture problems, and getting a new denture.
  • Dentures
    General information about, denture problems, denture products, Getting affordable dentures and find a prosthodontist near you.
  • Dentalwisdom
    Provides information about all kind of dentures, for denture wearers and people who may have denture problems.
  • My Denture Care
    Resource for information and advice about dentures, denture care news, helpful hints, and money-saving offers.
  • Cosmetic Makeover Dentures
    General denture information with photos, downloadable brochures about denture care, and an FAQ.
  • Dental Fear Central
    Dentures information and links to dentures forums.

A Word From Healthsoothe

Medical and Dental Health blogs enlighten you in every aspect of oral health and dental care product and services and they can also keep you up to date and informed you on disease and conditions that concern you.  We hope the selection we picked bring you better information, good dental health, and joy in the new year and beyond.


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