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Arthritis is a very common disease that gets ‘younger’, meaning that more and more young people can experience arthritis pain, even though it is usually a more common disease among elderly. Arthritis is basically the swelling of one or more joints, usually followed by tenderness of those joints. It usually happens as joint pain and stiffness, sometimes it gets worse by different circumstances. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

At first glance you may wonder ‘what is the connection between CBD and arthritis? Can it help?’ And it is very safe to assume – yes, it quite might help, actually. Despite the fact that CBD and science still have more things to discover, the current level of knowledge about CBD’s benefits to human’s body and health is very impressive. 

It was described earlier how CBD works and influences the human’s body, that it can help you cope with anxiety, improve sexual performance, get the relaxation you deserve, and so on. All of it happens because of the chemical reactions happening in our brain, leading to blood pressure either increasing or decreasing, depending on your current situation. 

Unlike products with THC containment, which is well known for its psychedelic activity stimulator, CBD on the other hand relaxes the brain, without making the user too drowsy, and helps the user to become more focused and go on with their life full of confidence. 

What is CBD and where to find it?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, an active compound, found in the cannabis plant. CBD extracts from hemp, meaning that the amount of THC is almost untraceable and legal in most European countries. Therefore, unlike products with high THC concentration, CBD is very beneficial to humans’ mind and body, does not interfere with psycho activity and brings more favor to one’s health. 

CBD is still a new product scientifically wise, not much data has been obtained yet. However, many studies have shown that CBD is quite safe to use, if you follow up the instructions and dosage. You can determine the necessary dosage either by following the instructions on the products, or by experimenting and listening to your own feelings, gradually increasing the % of intake CBD oil for example, or the amount of drops. Same goes for vaping and joints, however, it is always recommended to follow up the instructions, to avoid overdose, which can lead to the opposite of relaxation and calmness results. 

If you are undergoing treatment of arthritis with your doctor, it is recommended to let your doctor know that you want to try taking CBD as a way of relaxing and handling arthritis pain or use CBD for rheumatoid arthritis, because some drugs may interfere with CBD. In case, if you are just applying CBD on your skin, there shouldn’t be any concerns, but please do consult with your doctor either way. 

In most ways CBD is a very safe, eco option to explore your mind and body without any psychoactivity involved, it is a legal and very easy way to explore your limits. 

Since CBD is derived from hemp, the prejudice around this topic is still quite strong. The stigma around CBD is so severe, because many people still can’t process the difference between pure and high quality CBD and the psychoactive THC component. Most Marry Jane’s products are either completely THC free, or have very little % of THC trace, meaning that Marry Jane’s products are safe and legal to use in most European countries. You can learn more about whether Marry Jane’s products are legal in your country here

CBD options for arthritis

Now that we have discovered that arthritis is basically swollenness of joints, and CBD helps to reduce blood pressure, leading to the swollen parts to relieve pain and stabilization, it is safe to assume that CBD may and will help with at least handling the pain feelings of arthritis.

There are numerous ways to take CBD and use it to handle the arthritis consequences, let’s find out more about it. 

Marry Jane offers CBD in various ways. The most effective way to relieve arthritis is applying motion on the surface. And in doing so the following products may help:

Sport gel by Mary Jane may become an effective tool with handling swollen joints and relieving muscle pain around the area. It comes in two different variations: cooling and warming gel. It solely depends on what effect you wish to achieve, it is however recommended to use cooling gel first, to see how your body reacts. 

Based on a natural and effective chemical formula, the cooling gel will instantly reduce pain, bring a nice cold feeling to the area and relax the muscle tension in the applied zone. 

Water soluble CBD is also a great option for handling the arthritis pain. THC free, this product may be applied on your skin, on the swollen or a painful zone and gently massaged in, without extra pressure. The formula will allow CBD’s best benefits to go straight to the swollen area and relieve the pain. 

Light MCT Light drops can also be applied onto the skin or intaken, orally under the tongue or with water, food and so on. Just follow the instructions to know more of the dosage, whether you are just starting trying out CBD or an experienced user, it is never extra careful to be careful with dosage and the way of taking CBD.  

Mary Jane offers a wide selection of CBD oil in different concentrations of CBD and its variations. You can get yourself a set of CBD oils, or just take one you fancy the most and try to use it differently. Add it to food, one to few drops under your tongue, gentle massage, or even to your morning glass of water. It takes time for CBD to be delivered into the blood flow if taken orally, so consider that also. 

It is not recommended to use strong CBD concentrations for the very first time or use it before you know how your body reacts. Safest option would be to take it before bed, after dinner, an hour or two before you drift off to sleep, to learn how your body is being affected. 

Mild relaxation, lowered anxiety and stress release are guaranteed, therefore maybe it will finally help you to take your mind off arthritis thinking. 

Vaping is another options of coping with arthritis, since inhaling CBD is the fastest way to deliver CBD’s compound into the blood flow, you may consider getting a CBD vaping pen and an E-liquid, to enjoy one or two puffs every now and then, to help you feel relaxed and pain free. 

Get the liquid of your favorite flavor and try to use it, see how your body reacts, whether you enjoy intaking or inhaling CBD, there is no place to make mistakes, once you explore and communicate with your own body.

Another great way to explore the world of CBD is smoking the THC free hemp flowers. Marry Jane offers many different flavours and varieties of CBD flower. You can learn more on the starting page. 

Every flavour comes in a flower or in a carefully prepared joint. So you can enjoy rolling your own joints, or take one with you to go. Different in earthy, fruity and wide range of odors, Mary Jane’s first class CBD selection will leave no chance for arthritis to keep on bugging you with discomfort. 


Numerous studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as pain-relieving and other beneficial to mental health qualities, also added by numerous reviews of regular CBD users and people who tried it just once, or beginners. 

Marry Jane receives many reviews and positive feedback on CBD improving their arthritis situation, and turning chronic pain into lightness, improves sleeping patterns and reduces anxiety drastically. 

However, if you are using CBD for a while or just searching for an immediate solution, CBD isn’t medicine and won’t cure arthritis, it is only able to help improve the situation, and suddenly, not to turn it all the way around. 

Make sure that you only give your attention to the best quality CBD, for example, Marry Jane’s products are all third party lab tested, meaning that no amount of advertising and marketing can influence the fact that the final products are of great quality, therefore there is absolutely nothing to hide. 

 CBD is only a partial help, or it may become a partial help to your arthritis situation, therefore you need to consult with your doctor and keep the treatment as you’ve been ordered. 

Always check with your body on all the possible pros and cons of CBD for arthritis, each body is unique and so is the reaction to CBD. Perhaps, science is yet to catch up on this very important topic, however, if the CBD works for you, then it is great news! 


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