Vikings Podcast: Finding More Preseason Positives

Going 0-3 in the preseason isn’t the most encouraging reality. Nevertheless, Sam and I do our best to put forth a glass-half-full approach in the latest episode of Notes from the North, our Vikings podcast.

We begin by discussing the great effort from both Ryan Wright and Greg Joseph. We go on to spend a bit of time on the upcoming cuts and how there could be some additions. We consider a couple other things.

Finally, I’ll note that Sam and I recorded this episode during the calm before the storm. When we were chatting, the Vikings hadn’t made their cuts. So, keep that in mind as you listen. Some of the discussion may become outdated.

Folks who are into Vikings podcasts or think they’d like to get into Vikings podcasts should feel free to give Notes from the North a shot. Hop over to iTunes, Spotify, or Podbean. My understanding is that you don’t need an account at these spots. Just press play and enjoy the pod.

Enjoy the listening, Vikings fan.

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