Vikings Podcast: The Magical Season Continues


As I confessed on Sunday morning, I didn’t foresee a Vikings comeback. My mind was already looking ahead to the next opportunity to secure the North. What occurred, of course, was nothing short of breathtaking. Kevin O’Connell’s squad pulled off a historically great comeback. The latest episode of Notes from the North – a humble Vikings podcast – considers the greatness of the game, Donatell’s defense, and the Vikings heroes of the game.

Take a look at what Sam – my co-host – has to say: “Kyle and Sam break down a historic come from behind win against the Colts. They debate whether this win or the Bills win was better, the heroes of the game, and how the Vikings were able to win.”

Sam and I spend the opening few minutes discussing whether this game was better than the Bills one. Surprisingly enough, we reach the same conclusion. Give it a listen and see if you agree.

Given that the scoreboard shows 36 points for the Colts, it will be surprising to some to see that Ed Donatell’s group actually did a pretty good job. As Josh Frey notes, the Colts’ offense only had one lonely touchdown. Duke Shelley, for instance, had a great game. His play has helped to solidify the secondary.

Next up is the New York Giants. Like many others, I don’t see them as being among the best teams in the conference, but I’ll need to admit I haven’t followed them very closely. Perhaps they’ll surprise me on Saturday.

Folks who are into Vikings podcasts or think they’d like to get into Vikings podcasts should feel free to give Notes from the North a shot. Hop over to iTunes, Spotify, or Podbean. My understanding is that you don’t need an account at these spots. Just press play and enjoy the pod.

Enjoy the listening, Vikings fan.


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