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For those with urine incontinence, Wearever provides revolutionary undergarments that are washable alternatives to adult diapers.

Men’s briefs and women’s panties are particularly useful for active people who wish to go on with their regular lives without worrying or feeling stressed out by incontinence.

The Unique-driTM three-layer fabric system of the clothing’s revolutionary absorbency is constructed of a non-woven mixture comprising polyester, rayon, and anti-microbial fibres.

Wearever underwear is made of a range of woven fabrics that minimize the circumstances for skin maceration and breakdown by enabling sweat to escape off the skin, keeping the skin cooler. Clothing fibres infused with silver ions reduce bacterial development, further defending the skin.

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About the brand

The Women’s Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panties from Wearever provide reusability, comfort, and protection. This incontinence underwear is supported by the Wearever name and will endure 200–250 washes.

They provide disposable incontinence items as an affordable and dependable option with our reusable incontinence underwear.

The Women’s Cotton Comfort Incontinence Pants are made of an odour-reducing blend of smooth, silky cotton and polyester.

The pad’s traditional design and ample back covering are combined with a waterproof outer layer that prevents leaking for double protection.

The sewn-in absorbent pad of our Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panties captures fluids for integrated all-day protection.

These incontinence underwear are ideal for mild to moderate incontinence since they don’t need disposable pads or inserts. They just need to be machine washed to be wearable!

Key Advantages

A three-layer fabric system called

The fabric has three layers: the top layer allows urine to flow through; the middle layer pushes urine out to the fabric’s borders to avoid pooling, and the fibres with silver ions impregnated in them stop bacteria development and odour.

The undergarment’s 25th layer of urethane prevents leakage and holds the pee.

Wearever clothing is made of a range of woven fabrics that minimize the circumstances for skin maceration and breakdown by enabling sweat to escape off the skin, keeping the skin cooler.

Clothing fibres infused with silver ions reduce bacterial development, further defending the skin.

Clothing made by Wearever is tailored to fit and conform to body shapes. They are weaved without pressure points or hard seams. The comfort and feel are identical to that of regular underwear.

Wearever underwear is worn underneath regular clothing. There are no unique components or inserts. To wear and clean them, just put them on like regular underwear.

Underwear that fits comfortably and helps control leaks are called wearevers. The user need not be concerned about how they seem to others since they covertly fit and perform like regular underpants.

There is something for everyone with the wide variety of designs and sizing choices available for both sexes, almost all ages, and body types.

Wearever compared. disposable pads:

  • More Comfortable
  • More Fashionable
  • Very Discreet
  • Less Expensive and Environmentally Friendly

How to use wearever underwear

Wearever underwear may be used in most situations where a disposable pad would be appropriate since it is a direct substitute for them (except for double incontinence which is faecal incontinence also present).

With leak amounts of 5 to 20 ml, washable underwear works better with mild to moderate stress incontinence.
A larger range of patient users than disposable pads, including those in their twenties and older, may find the vast variety of shape and size choices appealing. Care facilities and nursing homes may utilise Wearever in certain, more extreme circumstances.

As the population demographics move to a more grey profile, more and more fashion-conscious customers will choose to reject pads in favour of style and simplicity. Wearever is applied just like conventional underwear; upkeep is easy and styling is crucial.

Customers Reviews

Poirot (Amazon)

Perfect for little leaks, the appropriate size, and soft cotton. First off, if you have poor bladder control, they are not for you; they are not designed to stop copious leaks. However, they are fantastic for daytime usage when I haven’t put off going to the bathroom for too long. I got large since my hips are 41 at their widest point, and I found the fitting to be perfect. They are comfortable, and the cotton is really nice.
When I notice it’s time to use the restroom, I pre-rinse the underwear and then simply wash them with my more delicate knit clothing. Of course, they can tolerate more than these and should be dried on low heat without a softener. I’ve only had these for a few months, so I’ll have to wait and see how long the absorbency lasts.

Garcia Marsha (Amazon)

They have a really vast range! I’m still debating whether or not to retain them! It is an excellent firm. They give you enough time to put on one pair. Before determining if you want to return them, I am waiting until laundry day so I can wash and DRY them (a definite advantage over some other brands). I was unable to use the measurement chart they supplied. They would have ended beneath my bra if I had ordered the same size as they did. I ordered a smaller size, but they are still too large, and the fit on the back is peculiar. I’m going to hold off on making a choice until after they’ve been cleaned.

Dan (Amazon)

ever-softest cotton. I wore them to a function where I spent most of the time sitting down. When I got up, the absorbent region felt thick, heavy, and uncomfortable even though I felt dry. They will probably work best for me at night and perhaps during a lengthy vehicle drive when I’ll be sitting still for an extended amount of time. Because I didn’t leak, I can’t tell whether they are leakproof, although they probably are. I’m surprised I spoke so much about panties. After I’ve worn them again, I may have more to say about this.

Michael C. (Walmart)

They were sliced differently than they were in the last order I had discovered. I didn’t gain any weight before you ask. Perhaps because the padding seems thicker than in the last batch, the waist does not rise as high. I’m hoping they’ll fit better when I wash them a few more times.

William J. (Walmart)

These briefs are incredibly enjoyable. They are worn by me just like ordinary underwear, but they have come to my rescue several times. Several times, I was just unable to make it to the restroom in time. But I didn’t need to be concerned since I was safe.

Lynn Z. (Walmart)

The purchase was a mistake. I’m not pleased with the fact that all three pairs of pants had threads coming out of the waist band after the first wash.

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Does the cushioning extend all the way up the back?

The rear goes to the top in the same way as the front does in the photo. I think they are the BEST underwear money can purchase. They operate well and I purchased them for my mother.

When purchasing this kind of underwear, you should think about how much absorbency the wearer would need. They are available in 5, 10, 15, and, I believe, 20-ounce grades.

The padded area doesn’t go as high for some of them with lower ratings since it isn’t necessary. Mom has never leaked through their waterproof barrier, and it doesn’t produce any type of plastic crinkling sound.

The pants are made of gentle “friendly” cotton with a little pattern to aid in ventilation. Just avoid using chlorine bleach, however, you may if you want to use anything like Clorox 2. They wash and dry well. I would give them a perfect 10 stars if I could.


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