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When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Home Insulation In The Midwest?


Your home insulation plays a critical role in creating a more comfortable space.  Without proper house insulation, drafts can ensue, and energy bills can spike.  Even more troubling is that your health can be threatened if your insulation is failing. That’s because attic mold, allergens, and compromised air quality are soon to follow.

In some instances, the remedy to the below situations is adding more house insulation.  It’s important to know that there are four times when your insulation needs replacement.

Signs You Might Need To Consider Insulation Replacement

How Long Does Home Insulation Last?

How often insulation should be replaced depends on the material.  Fiberglass and spray foam lasts longer than cellulose and mineral wool. Cellulose and mineral wool are supplemental types of insulation that disintegrate over time.

cellulose insulation

When Should Insulation Be Replaced?

In the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, here are the best times to replace insulation.

Install Insulation In Tandem With A Roofing Project

A reputable roofing and insulation contractor can verify current home insulation levels. This is often done through a home energy assessment. Homeowners in Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities should strive for R-60 in their attics.

House insulation protects your residence against heat loss and keeps your roof’s structural integrity intact.  An attic utilizing the best insulation and ventilation practices can prevent condensation build-up. It can also stop the transfer of heat from a warmer to a colder spot.

The stack effect can cause excess interior heat to reach the peak of your roof. Once there, it creates extra moisture and pressure. Inconsistent roofing temperatures are one of the causes of ice dams.  Ice dams prevent water from exiting the roof, and cause shingle deterioration and rot on rafters and roof decking.  The proper insulation installation levels ensure your roof reaches its full lifespan.

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Insulate Your House In The Fall & Spring Months

When you’re considering replacing home insulation, you should take into consideration the time of the year. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, the most extreme temperatures occur in the summer and winter seasons.  This leads to an influx of homeowners calling insulation and roofing contractors.  Homeowners needing an insulation replacement should plan ahead.  Contractors often can get to insulation projects faster during fall and spring, which also helps equip your home for peak hot and cold seasons.

Another perk to insulation replacement in the spring and fall is that homes can be comfortable without HVAC systems in use. This allows the insulation installation to happen before the heating and cooling season starts.

blown-in insulation

Watch An Insulation Replacement Project:



Replace The Insulation In Your Western Wisconsin Or Twin Cities Home

From a timing standpoint, fall and spring are excellent times for insulation replacement in the Midwest.  Evaluating home insulation during a roof replacement can also ensure the best results. We recommend getting home insulation estimates from at least three contractors.  This allows you to learn more about replacing insulation and your home’s specific needs. This also allows you to choose the best home insulation installer for your project at a fair price.

At Lindus Construction, we’ve spent more than 40 years helping customers like you make their homes more livable, comfortable, and functional. We’re able to do this by partnering with the industry’s best manufacturers to provide you with top-tier insulation products while also sourcing the best specialized insulation contractors. If you’re looking to install insulation and have questions, contact us today otherwise get an estimate to start your complimentary consultation.


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