Why should adult businesses accept Verge?


Unlike many blockchains that try to offer some futuristic solutions to problems that do not even exist, the Verge network espouses a down-to-earth approach providing tangible utility to people here and now. Verge’s mission is to become a go-to blockchain for the everyday transactions of millions of people and, there is no doubt, that it is successfully fulfilling its mission. Since Verge is intended for day-to-day transactions, it means that it can be used even in some of the most unusual areas such as payment for adult content. NOWPayments is a Verge payment gateway that facilitates the process of accepting Verge coin payments for all kinds of services and businesses operating in the adult industry.

Why adult businesses should accept Verge payments

Key points:

What is Verge crypto?

The Verge cryptocurrency, the ticker symbol of which is XVG, is the native coin of the Verge blockchain. Verge is an open-source enterprise which is run by volunteers. At the same time, Verge has one of the most advanced infrastructures among blockchains that enables it to serve as a viable solution in many scenarios including digital payments. The main objective of Verge is to grant users access to an open platform for sending and receiving transactions.

How XVG can benefit an adult business?

Makes payments universally accessible

XVG has deserved its reputation as an adult industry-compatible means of payment because it is used by the biggest name in the game, Pornhub. The website switched to Verge payments a couple of years due to having issues with the conventional payment processing providers. Verge not simply became a solid alternative to traditional solutions but also greatly improved the accessibility of Pornhub to people around the world. Unlike the standard payment solutions, XVG transactions are borderless and can be made by virtually anyone without any entry barriers. Verge payments can be made from and to anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. So, adult businesses can use XVG coin payments as a method to make their audiences international.

Lowers transaction costs

Verge can not only make your service global but also can lower transaction costs for you and your clients. XVG cryptocurrency transactions cost less than a cent, so, you can transfer Verge cryptocurrency almost for free. Subsequently, adult businesses can save lots of money by switching to Verge crypto payments and ditching conventional payment processors.

Supercharges money transfers’ speed

Low-cost transactions are just one component of Verge’s efficiency. Verge cryptocurrency transactions are also quick, which means that companies can process payments almost instantly and let clients access raunchy content on a whim, without the need to wait for banks’ approval or facing delays.

Hides your clients’ financial activity

Finally, Verge coin payments are a guaranteed way to help your clients conceal their financial activities from their loved ones. Platforms such as OnlyFans have destroyed many families due to failing to offer a private payment solution which led to spouses easily finding out about their significant others’ “unaccounted” expenses. This is why OnlyFans models and adult businesses, in general, can provide their clients with much-needed privacy by featuring Verge payments because XVG transactions are anonymous.

Who already accepts Verge payments?



Pornhub is the king of the industry, a website attended by millions of people worldwide every day. It is one of the biggest use cases for Verge. Pornhub has a massive selection of explicit content that will satisfy the tastes of the pickiest enthusiasts.



Mofos is a reality porn network that includes several sites featuring hardcore content. There are over 3k videos in Mofos’ catalog, so every adult content enthusiast will have a field day here. From public pickups to cheating scenes, Mofos has every category imaginable, so you will not need to come up with your own ideas to get your rocks off.

Digital Playground

Digital Playground

Digital Playground has been paving the path for big-budget blockbuster pornography since 1993. With scores of adult accolades earned over almost 30 years and iconic titles like Pirates 2 and Top Guns, has always been at the forefront of the finest quality material and will continue to be with the future DP World line of movies.



Babes.com is a website that goes beyond providing basic teasing and offers explicit porn. A vast collection of fantastic videos is something Babes.com is ready to supply to every member. You can even download the content from the website, provided that you have a special membership subscription.

Why not bi

Why not bi

Why not bi has dozens of steamy scenes performed by bi porn stars. The website regularly updates its collection, so you always can treat yourself to some novel content. All videos posted by the project are in Full HD quality. You can pay for their subscription with XVG.

How adult businesses can accept Verge payments

Adult industry service providers can deploy Verge currency payments using these tools:


Adult content is one of the key drivers behind crypto adoption. If you own an adult business you can begin accepting XVG coin payments using NOWPayments.

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